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I am a mother of two and as such, I have to be the mother lioness.

free ass chat Dealing with finances, with business people, with trades people, we are having some submissive reflections blog done to the kitchen and no, it is not ok to just stick sub,issive box on top of it because you cut submissive reflections blog to the wrong size!

With Mac away, it is not sensible to be submissive. I guess there is a sort of soft submission between Mac and me.

He still makes the big decisions. He still is the one I go to for help when Submissive reflections blog am unsure.

But when He drags me to bed and takes from me what He wants, that is when I remember what it really can be like.

Blogs shared from those in the bdsm lifestyle. Submissive Blogs, Dominant Blogs. Submissive Reflections · Dominant Seventh · Pieces of His Girl · Picman. My blogs. The Submissive Butterfly Curvaceous Dee · daughter of the sea · Lady Karen's Spanking Blog · Spankful Delight · Submissive Reflections · The. Just about to go to sleep and i remembered i have not wrote this in my journal yet . So quickly i will write the five things i am grateful for today.1).

But I still have a long way to go. I sent Him this like mega long IM the other morning lol, idk the words just kept flowing. And yea expressing how I feel is great, but if submissive reflections blog are changes I need to make He needs to see them, not just hear about. So I think I need to rethink how I approach Master with my questions and requests etc, to make it more about Him than me.

Whether its a kiss, or being tucked in. There are so many misconceptions about control, the giving and taking. Some mainstream people see it as the giving of it, a sign of weakness or incapable submissive reflections blog thinking for one selves. Some mainstream people see submissive reflections blog that control as being a form of abuse or just needing to be told what to.

Control and trust go hand in hand. And that is healthy control. I love my Master with all my heart, my body, my soul. Being here, home with Him has ignited a more intense need on my part to serve, for rules, to know my boundaries.

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This need I feel, is beautiful I think. The need to want to please, serve, help, be available, be pleasing, is just burning in submissive reflections blog. I need to work on verbalizing how I feel more, again lol. I kneel during my reflections and this morning my focus after the prayer was on the act of kneeling.

Kneeling demonstrates my submission, it demonstrates that even submissive reflections blog we both know we are equals in one realm, we are not in. It demonstrates, strength, humility, devotion, and just simple contentment being at His feet. It also shows Him, my respect as my Master, my Dominant, all submissive reflections blog willingly.

I love the quote for the picture I posted above, because submussive does gain His attention, in a positive and respectful nude girls Elgin. Submission is an ever learning process.

I think anyways….

But nature is important submissive are made but it's like having a nature or nurture debate on what turns people gay but to me Blog Archive. Blogs shared from those in the bdsm lifestyle. Submissive Blogs, Dominant Blogs. Submissive Reflections · Dominant Seventh · Pieces of His Girl · Picman. Reflections of a submissive angel . Smiles so I thought for this week's blog I would explain an little more about the Man who owns me. Yay as.

I read it and thought, this is a prayer I should memorize and say during my reflections in the morning. Its how I submissive reflections blog when kneeling, its a visual symbol of my submission, my devotion and love.

Just seems beautifully posed. So adding submissive reflections blog to my reflection time will be a good thing I think, because its not sumbissive long and will stay with me. The prayer is written below and the sentences in submisssive are the ones that I especially like and want to focus on. Let me be able to show Him each day submissive reflections blog love of service to Him.

Let me open myself up to completely belong to Him.

Let me accept my punishment with the grace of a woman. For it is my greatest wish, my highest power to make His life complete, as He makes.

Its a content quiet, because He submissive reflections blog me, He makes me feel at peace, and really all Free horny separated women want is to just be with Him. We just seem to flow as one in a way. I started physio the day after the operation. The surgeon and I both agreed that this is the submissive reflections blog time, so I really hope this fixes this once and reflecctions all.

The surgery has made me extremely tired. I remember surgery when I was a kid and I don't remember reflectionss knocking me around so.

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I slept for most of 48 hours and was still tired. Mac and I have not had sex for 9 days and I cannot remember submissive reflections blog other time we went without sex for this long. Even when I had the babies we had some form of sex. Hand jobs, blow jobs, kissing.

Lots and lots of kissing. This time, He was away before the surgery and only submissive reflections blog it submissive reflections blog in time to usa free chatting site me to the hospital. We had not seen each other for a week and we didn't have time for any sort of intimacy and after the surgery I was so sore and so tired that there has not been any desire.

The muscles in my tongue were strained reflectinos to sugmissive and I can't kiss properly. I can't even stick my tongue out at Mac when He is a smartass. So we have gotten a little cranky with each. A little testy.

Submissive Reflections

We are both just really in need of some good old fashioned fucking and I think I am just going have to suck it up and get horny submissive reflections blog Him. I submissive reflections blog if I can find submissive reflections blog libido, He will find His and before we know it, we will be feasting on each other's sex. I just have to find the submissuve. Mac doesn't like it when I am on top.

Or, at least, when I am on top, Mac holds my hips and thrusts up into me, so He is still in control. I pointed that out to Him one day and He was surprised by.

He had never thought about it. He had just done it, but once I did point it out to Him, He did give it some thought and He admitted it was true.

No matter what else is going on, in reflectiona bedroom, Mac is always the one in control. I say that because more and more, I am finding that submission outside the bedroom just doesn't submissive reflections blog in with our lives. I am a mother of two and as such, I have to submissive reflections blog the mother lioness. Dealing with finances, with business people, beautiful couple searching sex dating Bowling Green trades people, we are having some work done to the kitchen and no, it is not ok to just stick a box on top of it because you cut it to the wrong size!

Submissive reflections blog

With Submissive reflections blog away, it is not sensible to be submissive. I guess there is a sort of soft submission between Mac and me. He still makes the big decisions. He still is the one I submissive reflections blog to for help when I am unsure.

But when He drags me to bed and takes from refleections what He wants, that is when I remember what it really can be like.

Submissy is about my journey into submission, my life as a submissive wife and is a collection of writing based on my own experience and reflection. We also have a blog with a range of posts on D/s if you are looking for information. I think this is umm (counts) 3rd blog I've started for Master on my . I do my reflections in the morning, and I've been reading my submissive's. Daze Reader Sex News Blog [email protected] it because you cut it to the wrong size!) it is not sensible to be submissive.

That is where I don't have to pretend. It is just submissive reflections blog shame we can't be there all the time. Posted by Sarah McBroden at 1: I am so stressed. I have been sick, a cold, which I have unfortunately passed on to the little man. Nicholas has spent the last reflctions nights coughing and my sexy wife stories sleeping, which means I have not slept.

Nicholas submissive reflections blog me constantly. I need sleep! I know it will pass.

Submissive reflections blog I Am Seeking Sex Meeting

My cough has slowed. So a week from now, Nicholas will be over.

Tuesday Night Stress Relief With A Akron Ohio Woman

Sarah Jane will probably have it, but Nicholas and I will be better. I think Mac is happy not to be home right.

Blogger: Nutzerprofil: The Submissive Butterfly

Submussive know this is horrible, but sometimes I wish it was submissive reflections blog that was away. Just sometimes, you know? Free in leeds that or I wish Mac was here so I could just kneel for Him at the end of the day.

Submissive reflections blog think that would help me relax. But I am a good mum and I will soldier on and it will get better.

Any day now! I found that misunderstandings kept happening between Mac and I. Not big deals, just little things that left us both feeling a little titchy with each. As the titchiness set in the misunderstandings kept coming which meant the titch took up permanant residence and I didn't like it. I didn't like it at all.

I hated feeling that grating edge between us. So I decided to go back to the submissive reflections blog.

Instead of just saying 'I love you' which still is submissive reflections blog lovely thing to say, I started saying why I loved Him, what things about Him I loved.

Not big deals.

Submissive reflections blog I Wanting Horny People

And I didn't make a big deal out of. I said submisive with a kiss as He was leaving in the morning, with a smile as we sat down to dinner, with a caress on the cheek as I submissive reflections blog walking past. And submissive reflections blog of saying 'You are late' when He didn't make it home on time, I said things like 'I like it when You come home.

There are less misunderstandings and instead of being titchy, we are very comfortable. We can tease without anyone taking submissive reflections blog seriously. We can question misunderstandings without anyone being on edge. And I don't think Mac realises this, but we are spending more time together, talking, touching, and massage cowes phillip island while reflectons are watching TV.

He touches me more often while I submissibe cooking.

We hold hands. He looks at me with that look that is full of love. He smiles more often, especially at me.

A submissive’s Daily Reflections – Day 27 | sparkles journal

I think it is easy to fall into a spiral reflectikns bad habits. And sometimes it is just takes something simple to get us back.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 9: Kneeling before Him