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Wed, Apr 6,9: Massage san mateo craigslist Palo Alto proposal to require massage san mateo craigslist parlors and spas to keep detailed logs of clients has hit a nerve among local massage therapists who claim the proposal smacks of "Big Brother"-style intrusion. More than 30 massage mwteo attended a meeting Tuesday afternoon to hear about the changes, which city officials say would bring Palo Alto in compliance with state law.

The proposed ordinance would raise the educational massage san mateo craigslist for massage therapists, require them to purchase malpractice insurance and create a new category called "sole proprietor" for single-person massage massae. The most touchy aspect of the new ordinance is a requirement that massage establishments keep a written log craiglist includes the date and hour of each old granny getting fuck the name, address and sex of each patron; the service provided; and the technician administering the service.

Palo Alto police Sgt. Pinays sex Wagner said the logs would remain at the massage establishments and would only be accessed by police during inspections and criminal investigations. But this explanation failed to appease some audience members, including David Bena, who called it "Big Brother stuff.

Donald Howard, a massage therapist kansas City sex mature looking for buddy has been practicing massage san mateo craigslist California sincedescribed the clause as "totally outrageous and absurd" and claimed that his clients would object to having their names submitted to the police for possible massage san mateo craigslist in criminal investigations. Susan Nightingale, co-owner of Watercourse Way, said the new ordinance should require the police to go through the due process and get a court order before the client information is released.

She encouraged staff to add the requirement for a court order to the new ordinance.

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Interim City Attorney Donald Larkin said the broader purpose of the massage san mateo craigslist overhaul is to abolish the obsolete law currently on the books and to bring the city in compliance with Senate Billa law that requires message therapists and technicians to carry certification.

Larkin said the state bill has given the city the motivation to update its own code. Palo Alto's existing ordinance allows massages defined as "any method of pressure on, or friction against, or stroking, kneading, rubbing, tapping, pounding, vibrating or stimulating the external parts of the human body with the hands or with the aid of any mechanical or electrical apparatus, massage san mateo craigslist other appliances or devices, with or without such supplementary aids as rubbing alcohol, liniment, antiseptic, oil, powder, cream, lotion, ointment or other similar preparations" to take place only in "massage establishments.

The new ordinance would allow single-person establishments to legally function. Palo Alto beautiful housewives wants nsa Walla plan to hold several more meetings and make further revisions to the massage ordinance before it's presented to the City Council in the fall.

Larkin said the new ordinance would likely take effect in early This is a totally ridiculous statement made by these "therapists" They are regulated and need to be accountable. Massage san mateo craigslist are or should be asking medical information from the clients in order to proceed.

They are having them sign horny moms nj forms or should massage san mateo craigslist. They should have to keep a log to make sure they are protecting the public and keeping records. FYI Some of these places could be fronts for prostitution and the public and workers need to be protected as well as the entire industry. draigslist

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Why do conservatives always support intrusive, big government? I thought their "invisible hand of the free market" was all we needed. Or with a masseuse, two hands.

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Maybe feet. This sounds like a great law! Massage san mateo craigslist we should have store clerks write massage san mateo craigslist the names of every customer who buys alcohol, you know, for the safety of the customers.

We should require gas stations to keep logs of every customer who buys party at u of u tonight dance too, so that the government can know who's being the least fuel efficient. Dad gummit, we should just start marking down every license plate of all cars coming in and out of Palo Alto so we can control the riff raff.

What problem are we trying to solve? Don't we have something better to do with our city staff budget than this? Alfred, your comment was obviously meant to be a joke. You couldn't possibly be serious! Thanks for the laugh And if there is a slight chance that you were serious, then I guess Massage san mateo craigslist seen yet another comment from a clueless local.

Darwin, you are so right!!! Most people don't know what's going on today - and that our rights are being eroded at an alarming rate. Your proposals will certainly help things along!

Project Zen | Massage and Bodywork | Peace and Wellness through Massage and Relaxation

Why do we have the mentality in so many areas that when massage san mateo craigslist bad thing happens, all will suffer due to the draconian new rules we inevitably put into place? Let's not interfere with that healing touch I can only afford one a year on my birthday.

At this rate, pretty soon they'll require naughty wants nsa Valley City saran wrap be used between the masseuse's hands and the customer's body! Is no secret that massage parlors, specially the Asian massage parlors are a cover for prostitution, otherwise just check Asian Massage nsa hookups in San Jose, Redwood City, San Francisco, Belmont, Fremont and so on.

Do you want that kind of business in your Massage san mateo craigslist or neighborhood? My, Carlito - you certainly have a lot of inside information on those Asian massage parlors! The City went through a cleansing of massage parlors back in the late 70's, early 80's. There were lots of mattresses and such confiscated and sold at auction the City stored everything on the loading docks massage san mateo craigslist the yard, and everyone got a big laugh out of it.

A Craigslist con who duped 33 people into buying fake airline tickets may to April 8, San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said. favorite this post Aug 19 We train, certify, and hire PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINERS ((San Mateo, Mill Valley, Menlo Park, Sunnyvale)) hide this posting restore. Buy or sell your Massage Business in San Francisco, CA with BizQuest, the Twitter, WeChat, Instagram, Craigslist, Email blast, MLS, Bizben, Bizbuysell.

Books massage san mateo craigslist be "cooked", and the information is useless, so why even bother collecting massage san mateo craigslist, especially form legitimate businesses?

Let's see Why not just require picture windows for any such bdsm slave finder It always takes the police or undercover agents couple years and a visits to crack a parlor's prostitution case.

Does the agent use the same name everytime? I have mixed feelings about this due to police involvement. However, when I was certified to practice massage therapy, I was taught to keep files on clients, as I have. I was also taught when a client needed a doctor's permission for a massage and when massage would enhance medical or physical therapy treatment.

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What I do think is funny is pick up women craigslist PAPD is involved - the former employer of our scofflaw sheriff who is fond of young ladies out of state masquerading as real massage therapists.

Why he's still in office is puzzling Oh, yes. They were the scourge of Barron Park. PaloAltoHistory has a web page about it: Web Link If we had something similar today, no doubt many people in other parts massage san mateo craigslist town would be calling the citizens of Barron Park NIMBY's and "anti-business" for wanting these kind of establishments removed. Palo Alto's proposed requirement for collecting massage san mateo craigslist information for possible police use is offensive and somewhat creepy.

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Particularly because, as far as I know, other businesses that operate in the city massgae not have this requirement. The implication is that the city assumes I have illicit intentions until proven innocent.

Do all the other local cities mentioned in this article have this particular requirement?. Is this a standard requirement anywhere else in California, or are we being singled out?

And what ID will be considered proof? Does the ordinance require massage therapists check my driver's license? Or can I just give a false name to protect my identity?

Stores keep closing. Bay Area retailers still can’t find workers -

The police craisglist need this information to do a successful sting. About eight years ago there were two illegal massage parlors operating in Palo Alto, one near the old Alma Plaza and the other massage san mateo craigslist Birch street.

The police were able to investigate both these establishments successfully and shut them.

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If I were in the mindset of needing to use a massage parlor for a massage, I would choose one that is in compliance of laws, keeps records, and completely above board. I would do the same for any business which needs massage san mateo craigslist touch me, regardless of whether it was medical, such as nail spa, beauty parlor, dentist or.

If I lived next door to such business, I would want it to be likewise. Otherwise, how can I massage san mateo craigslist certain that it was legitimately doing what it says it does? French lessons anyone? My sister owns a massage spa out-of-state.

Massage san mateo craigslist

I don't suspect that she massage san mateo craigslist be coming. It will simply end massage san mateo craigslist up the cost of business and prices of legitimate massage therapy centers while giving the government yet another foothold into private businesses and our lives. Yes, prostitution is a problem. However, I think that it is more of a problem on Craigslist than it is in massage therapy centers and spas.

I keep client amteo complete with session notes. Currently, those are available by subpoena which insurance companies have done a couple times in the last 15 years I've been in practice.

Los Gatos has a "surrender on demand" clause in their massage craigskist which allows a warrantless search. I have no problem surrendering massage san mateo craigslist information if a warrant is served.

As part of my training some 15 years ago, I had to get 3 "professional" massages. I chose 2 from local papers this was pre-Craigslist.

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The two in the throwaway papers were anything but professional compared with one I got at Body Therapy Center where I trained. This regulation is above and beyond what is described in SB and the PA Police department are spinning it as keeping in-line with what other cities are doing. What we need is to legalize prostitution, so then nobody has to wander around wondering if the massage palor is 'legit' Maasage it, massage san mateo craigslist jobs, make money, have health care.

Everyone wins. Its the stupidest thing to have illegal since there a giant legal porn industry le Birmingham babes sex state paid 'sex workers' used for therapy.

Yes, there are state legal prostititues.

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Seriously, this is the crux of the argument. Nobody is concerned with massage san mateo craigslist else with Massage places. This is treating professional massage therapists as if they were conducting prostitution. When is Palo Alto going to pull itself out of the dark ages rather then deeper into them?