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In Australia, 1 in 6 children don’t live with their biological Dad and in the UK and USA it’s 1 in 3…
Everyday, 261 Divorce cases are lodged in our Australian Federal Circuit Court and it’s estimated that at least 3 dads take their lives due to family related issues. The rate of suicide and depression with both dads and children are at there highest level ever.

Since the first screening of this film back in November 2014, Karen and her team have presented the film in Parliament, Canberra after being personally invited by two politicians to open discussions into reforming the Australian Family Court system.
Karen also spoke at the Men’s Family Law/Violence Conference Victoria. More recently at Senator John Madigan’s campaign dinner and a Family Court rally event of over 200 people in Fitzroy Town Hall.

If you would like to tell your story contact me through my website –

“I couldn’t believe this worldwide problem was buried so deep, one which affects people, young and old and is detrimental to our future, the cornerstone of society – family” – Karen Hodgkins – Producer
“Extraordinary Work Karen.” “Being a Dad is my greatest role.” – Marty Sacks- Australian Actor
“Karen Hodgkins in one word – Genius.” “Being a Dad is something I’ve always wanted and I look forward in anticipation to the biggest challenge of my life.” – James Rees – ABC “Giggle and Hoot”
“Hodgkins’ interviewing is remarkable. Dads and family law professionals alike talk surprisingly honestly and passionately about why dads are not getting justice through the law.” – Dr Angela O’Brien – Family Court Barrister

3 comments for “The ‘Dad’ Documentary – Feature

  1. Adam
    June 9, 2016 at 1:57 pm

    Yup. Total devastation is all I feel. Hopeless and sadness deep inside everyday and the system just targets, marginalizes and oppresses the struggling fathers.

  2. April 6, 2019 at 5:39 pm

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    • admin
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