Comment on CBC story: Province to crackdown on ‘deadbeat’ parents with new child-support laws

Since CBC did not leave a place to comment on this story please make your remarks here.
Manitoba’s child-support laws are about to undergo a “sweeping rewrite” meant to hold “deadbeat” parents more financially accountable for their kids and families, the province says.
The province announced Wednesday it plans to overhaul legislation it hopes will ensure children in poverty get the help they need, including permitting the posting of photos and names of those parents or guardians online with a warrant out for their arrest.
“The best interests of a child must always be the most important and often the only consideration in the area of family law.
This is clearly entrenched within the proposed legislation, which would also include strong, new tools to collect child support from parents following separation or divorce,” Attorney General Gord Mackintosh said in a statement.
“The bill also responds to the need for provincial laws to keep pace with social and technological realities to avoid uncertainty and stress for families.”
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4 comments for “Comment on CBC story: Province to crackdown on ‘deadbeat’ parents with new child-support laws

  1. Stephen Coop
    June 4, 2015 at 11:02 pm

    Helping children in poverty? Choke me. The kids get the smallest percentage of child support. The largest portions go to Government, and the step fathers. I am experienced. My child lives in a half million dollar house. The government kicked me for years, taking away my driving license as a cab driver whenever I was a few pennies short on my payment. My file documents over $10,000 kept by the Alberta Government from my child support account. Children in poverty, indeed!!! email:

    • darryl
      June 5, 2015 at 3:20 pm

      that is right Stephen Coop, this is not about the children. If this was about the children there would be laws against parental Alienation, the people perjuring themselves in court would be charged instead of being rewarded with sole custody and larger child support payments. Maybe if the amounts where fair amounts for child support there would not be so many deadbeats. But I am sure and other people has also confirmed that the amounts that these government agencies are throwing out are exaggerated amounts, to try to justify their existence.

  2. Don
    June 5, 2015 at 5:01 pm

    Why is it always about deadbeat dads? Yes, they exist: Surprise, Surprise. But what about the parents who haven’t missed a payment and still get raked over the coals. What about the receiving parent’s obligations in this matter. There is absolutely ‘ZERO’ accountability for parents that receive child support. They don’t have to account for a single penny they receive. Both parents have a financial obligation to support their children. I repeat, both parents. Family Law is written as though only one parent is responsible, regardless of total income from parents. Ridiculous. Change is needed. Not only for so-called deadbeat parents.

    Is there a lawyer out there that is smart enough and willing to make significant and fair change to Family Law? Key word here is fair. The scales of justice for Family Law are severely lopsided. I have some ideas to help this cause. If you are a lawyer and would like to have a chat, comment on this post and we can exchange contact information.

  3. Truth
    August 14, 2015 at 3:13 pm

    I find it ironic that Gord Macintosh is leading the charge against fathers who fall in arrears, when it comes to child support. He has ignored shared parenting initiatives, refused to punish custodial parents, who violate court ordered visitation, and simply wants to increase revenue to the Manitoba Family Law system.

    Mr. Mackintosh’s own son, despite being raised in a life of luxury, has robbed banks. Of course, when you are the son of a high ranking politician, you can beat those kind of charges, and this is exactly what happened. His 24 year old son got off, due to taking an antidepressant, and it’s “side effects,” which is ridiculous.

    Maybe Gord Mackintosh should clean up his own backyard, before going after non-custodial parents.

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