Alberta Legal Aid

All Albertans may contact Legal Aid Alberta regarding their legal issue, regardless of income. Legal Aid Alberta can help you in:

  • understanding your legal issues and needs,
  • providing the proper service for your legal needs, and
  • connecting you with other supportive community services.

By calling the Legal Services Centre at 1-866-845-3425 (toll free) or by visiting one of our offices, we can assist with your particular legal issue.  We can help provide legal aid for cases involving issues such as:

  • serious criminal charges
  • charges laid under the Youth Criminal Justice Act
  • family law
  • child welfare
  • civil law issues (employment, landlord and tenant, income support)
  • immigration (refugee claims, admissibility/detention hearings).

The types of services provided include:

  • legal information
  • referrals
  • legal advice
  • brief services (legal information and advice, preparing court documents)
  • family settlement services (mediation)
  • duty counsel
  • limited or full representation (assigned lawyer)

Legal Services Officers at the Legal Services Centre complete client assessments to determine the type of service that would best support you in dealing with your legal issue. Should your legal issue require a lawyer, a certificate (appointing a lawyer) may be issued for financially eligible people. In some cases, LAA certificates are issued to LAA lawyers, who provide services through our specialized law offices.

To find a Legal Services Centre near you, please visit our contact us page.

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