Flawed Family Law Kills

Ken Thompson, My dad, hero and best friend died of a myocardial infraction, which is a technical term for a heart attack, but I think it really is as simple as calling it a broken heart inflicted by flawed family law and a completely bias / unfair system.

My dad was treated like a walking ATM, made possible by using me as a weapon against him in court documents. When he stood up for himself and his rights to see his children he was unfairly labeled as mentally ill by lawyers to discredit him in the courts perspective. I personally don’t appreciate that I was being used to smear his charter and to serve the financial interest of my mom and her lawyers. I demand this be investigated and charges be laid for fraud & child abuse. In order to heal and move forward with my life I need these facts validated and for justice to prevail for my dad so he can finally rest in peace. My dad deserves to be remembered for the man he truly was loving, compassionate, honourable and dependable. I won’t give up this fight until perspectives stop being perverted and twisted to fit the selfish needs of others.

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