Barbara Kay: Giving daddy a raw deal on child-support payments

Excerpts from: Barbara Kay: Giving daddy a raw deal on child-support payments

Photo credit: malloreigh / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo credit: malloreigh / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Barbara Kay | September 10, 2014 6:58 AM ET

“In 1985, with feminism still at its height, U.S. sociologist Lenore Weitzman published a book, The Divorce Revolution, in which she claimed to have analyzed a sample of Los Angeles-area divorced individuals in the 1970s, and found that the living standard of the men increased by an average of 42% after their divorce, while the women’s living standard decreased by an average of 73%. Her methodology was flawed. Since then, more rigorous peer-reviewed studies have proven her conclusions false — she later admitted it herself — and that in fact both sexes are worse off after divorce.”

“Nevertheless, “facts” such as those supplied by Weitzman were used to justify the 1997 Canadian Federal Child Support Guidelines. Allegedly designed solely to support the best interests of children, the Guidelines were in fact largely concerned with righting purported gender wrongs. As a result, untold numbers of non-custodial parents, mostly fathers, have been paying an unfair, often financially crippling share of their income to custodial parents.”

“Analysis of the Guidelines’ failure to respect the overarching principles of the Divorce Act — notably the tenet that child support should be based on parents’ “ability to contribute” — is the thrust of a new report, An assessment of Federal Child Support Guidelines, authored for the Fraser Institute by Nippissing University professor of economics, Chris Sarlo.”

“…non-custodial parents in Canada often overpay by many thousands of dollars — money for which no mechanism exists to ensure it is spent on the children — and so the custodial parent can reap a net profit”

“Section 7 of the Guidelines allows extra amounts to be tacked on to the 40/30 formula for “extraordinary” expenses — but does not permit downward adjustment by the non-custodial parent.)”

“The second issue was the well-documented deference paid to openly misandric feminist “consultants” on the Guidelines.”

“…the department of justice, one document states: “Even when men are not violent, it should not be assumed that continued contact with the father is positive. The primary custodial parent should decide.”

“Sarlo is not the first credible academic to draw attention to the harms these badly-conceived Guidelines continue to inflict on Canadian families. Let us hope the government finally takes action so that he can be the last.”

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