Man embroiled in custody battle not guilty of threatening Alison Redford

6:21 pm, May 16th, 2014

CALGARY – The ex-Calgary man embroiled in a custody battle didn’t commit a crime when he said former Premier Alison Redford would “pay,” a jury ruled Friday.

But the jury said comments he made about a justice department lawyer were criminal.

Jurors found the Ontario resident guilty of one of six charges of uttering threats in connection with messages aimed at lawyer Lillian Riczu, Redford, his former partner and the surrogate who mothered their child.

The man, 47, who can’t be named because his criminal case revolves around a child access dispute, which is subject to a publication ban, wrote the messages in 2012.

In one, on May 30, he tweeted “next time I see Lillian Riczu I’m going to attack and try to kill her.”

He repeated the same threat in an e-mail that same day to Riczu’s assistant.

He had been charged with two counts of uttering threats against the lawyer, but jurors acquitted him of one of those.

They also found him not guilty of four other allegations involving threats against his ex, the friend who had a baby for them, and Redford.

During his trial, court heard the accused became embroiled in an access battle with his ex-boyfriend over custody of their daughter after they split up in 2006.

The girl was born in 2003 as part of an arrangement between the couple and their friend.

Since that time the natural parents have shared the children on a 50/50 basis.

In 2010 Justice Suzanne Bensler declared the accused a parent to the child, but he has not maintained contact with the girl, now 11.

Jurors heard evidence he wrote a series of messages expressing his frustration with the legal system.

In one e-mail, which was sent to members of the media he said: “Can anyone kill me now before I buy a gun and seek new Canadian justice on (his ex and the woman) … F— this nazi failed process

Redford u and your daughter will f—— pay.”

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