Resources: Contact BC Premier Christy Clark and Write her about your FMEP issues

Resources: Contact BC Premier Christy Clark and Write her about your FMEP issues

Email Address

Mailing Address
The Honourable Christy Clark
Premier of British Columbia
Box 9041
Victoria, BC
V8W 9E1

Phone Number
(250) 387-1715

Fax Number
(250) 387-0087

2 comments for “Resources: Contact BC Premier Christy Clark and Write her about your FMEP issues

  1. marie
    August 18, 2013 at 8:34 pm

    The FMEP are monsters! My partner, passed away 10 years ago, leaving me with our then 6 year old son ( he’s now 17 ). At that time , he had a support order with his ex. for his other 2 children ( 20 & 21 at that time ) Due to certain life circumstances he had accrued back payments, fees , etc that totalled $20 000.00 , he was under a payment arrangement and was making payments . When he died ,I contacted the FMEP to tell them , they in turn contacted his ex to see what she wanted to do about the file , she advise to FMEP to ” do what you can ” to get the money out of his estate. The only thing left in my late partners estate was the family home that we shared and I had contributed towards mortgage payments , even though not in my name , I was legally entitled to. Well, not according to the FMEP, who put a ‘non expirying’ lien on the property and a caveat against his estate. I have been fighting with them for 10 YEARS , repeatedly telling them that there is no money to pay this debt and My son and myself have a right to move on with our lives. I have continued to live on the property and pay the taxes and watched the place depreciate around me ( a homeowners improvement loan would of been nice to get ) . I have ended up filing bankruptcy while living in the only asset that I could of sold ( the mortgage was insured and paid out ). I have made complaints to Ombudsman , only to be re directed to the director of maintenance enforcement ( ya right, cause their all about listening ) . I have waited year after year for some sign of legal movement on their part , and nothing. The file just sits there with nothing done, BUT yet has succeeded in punishing Me for a debt that wasn’t mine. I would like to add that the ‘children’ are now 31 & 32 years old. I work 2 jobs to support my son and myself . I am constantly audited by the surveyor of taxes because I claim the homeowners grant ( Im allowed to ) and I have to prove thats my permanent address ( guess they haven’t seen property in a dead persons name for that length of time ), purchasing house insurance is impossible as the property isn’t in my name, if I did manage to get insured and something happened , the money wouldn’t get paid to me , it would be placed in trust until I could prove ownership ( I’m sure the FMEP would enjoy that ). I am currently in another letter writing war with them , yet again. The FMEP said the legal dept. is handling it, i haven’t heard a response from the letter I faxed to them 4 weeks ago. The FMEP are MORONS, who need to realize that sometimes dead people can’t pay bills.

    • Man
      May 29, 2014 at 8:15 am

      Good they did that. Digging for gold on a dead man. Whore

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