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  1. Tim Casey
    August 2, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    Thank you for doing this Randy. Would you be willing to design some “business cards” that we could copy and hand out to the public ?

    • admin
      August 2, 2013 at 1:05 pm

      Yes Tim some PDF and physical cards are in the works.

      I’ll let everyone know once they are ready.

  2. Susan
    August 13, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    I look forward to seeing these sorts of cards out there and being circulated. Being a student on my way to law school in order to specialize in this area, I am so glad to see fathers making a stand and forming groups like this. And please realize that it is not only fathers, mostly yes, but I am a mother in the same position as many of you, being ripped off by the system and it’s workings. This after I voluntarily asked that my ex and I share equal custody, both physical and legal, as well as guardianship, and when our kids were old enough to make up their minds where they wanted to live, I let them make that choice to go and live primarily with their father. When they lived with me 50/50, he paid a small stipend, worked as little as possible so that what I received wouldn’t have helped if I had seen any of it. I saw none of those monies, sadly my working income was supplemented by social assistance and they took every penny. I may as well have had nothing from him come in. It is about time that things start changing so that non-residential parents get a fair break and that their questions or disagreement with unfair orders being seen as ‘deadbeats’ who don’t want to pay. There aren’t very many parents out there who do not want to support their children, but there are a damn far sight more who are paying unfair amounts, being penalized by workers who are not doing their due diligence on the files in their keeping and allowing custodial parents to break their exes financially, emotionally and worst of all, by aiding and abetting the use of PAS and PAE tactics to turn children against loving parents. It is bloody criminal and something needs to be done. The time is NOW!! I am still working toward getting ‘the fifth estate’ involved. All the information that anyone is willing to share about their experience, or even your names and emails, so that you can be contacted by their news team. We are strong in numbers my friends, stronger than you can ever imagine.
    I for one am making progress for my husband and after five years of absolute hell and getting nowhere, we finally have FMEP scared silly and very grateful for the 10 days they have been given to get his file in order before it goes before the courts, FMEP’s internal review board and all their errors and bullsh*t truly come to light. They sounded pretty GD scared on the phone today when he spoke with his ‘new’ worker. 34 pages of errors and acceptance of items which do not meet the requirements of the order in place, of blatant acceptance of items which are beyond ridiculous. 34 pages of their mistakes sent back to them in legal terms that have them sounding VERY MORE than grateful that he gave them 10 days from today and not from the date the letter was sent or dated… seems to me that when they start kissing your ass, they have become aware that they haven’t been wiping their own properly and have seen the skid marks in their johns. Keep up the good work on those cards, I will be keeping my eyes on the ball waiting for them to be available. Take heart, stay strong and always remember when it is darkest, that the light at the end of the tunnel that you can’t see, is your children, your love for them and faith that what goes around comes around. It really does.
    Cheers, Susan

  3. October 13, 2013 at 2:58 pm

    MEP is an atrocious if not miscreant gov’t entity. It appears, in my view as though MEP has been working in a manner of common design with ALERT (a really creepy non profit publically funded quasi-police agency) to aid the crown prosecutors and police to oppress and cause harm to her Majesty’s citizenry by improperly using the Justice system as an instrument against targetted procreative and productive members of the citizenry. Skillful and right thinking lawyers can utilize the tort of misfeasance in public office to sue the public officers that work in the MEP departments if they abuse public powers. It is important to note that MEP discretion (when properly exercised) is limited to doing what is practical. (It is not practical to remove drivers licences or hinder opportunities to earn a living and enjoy ones progeny) This online effort is a step in the right direction, and with the right focus and direction MEP legislation can be reviewed by our MLA’s and if it remains it can have it’s enforcement powers stripped and we can just refer to it as the Maintenance Program, or better yet let’s rename it the ‘Child Wellbeing & Caregivers Support Program’

  4. Brad Bradford
    December 12, 2013 at 1:56 am

    I would be willing to share my story. It’s still fairly early-on, not years later as many stories on here, but getting bad very quickly.

  5. Roger Schmidt
    December 15, 2016 at 6:47 am

    I just received a letter that a file has been created at FMEP and that I am in arrears on child support even though my daughter just turned 19. My ex who has successfully alieanated my daughter against me claims that she is in school. I’ve asked numerous times for any correspondence from her school, program, courses, etc. but haven’t been provided with anything. I asked the case worker at FMEP if any proof of enrollment has been sent to him and he said “no”. Basically, it isn’t required for the payee to submit proof but the payor is burdened with having to prove that the child is NOT enrolled. Until then my license, passport, and credit rating is at risk if I don’t continue paying despite our court order ending at the age of majority. I have emailed my MLA regarding this for of extortion.

  6. H Owens
    December 23, 2016 at 10:27 am

    I agree the bullying and public humilation my son has faced on fb postings by his ex continues to this day and nothing is done. He is a truck driver and is threatened with losing his drivers license. This province has impacted the mental health of not only the parent being harrased but thier whole family is shaken down by an unreasonable and vengeful person. It is shameful as there are always 2 sides to these stories

  7. Gary Smith
    February 19, 2017 at 7:05 pm

    I believe the excerpt of my story that I will paste below is just one of many, many tragic stories. Having finally pieced my life back together its now 2017 and this FMEP enforcement began in Sept of 1999 with a person coming to my work to deliver a legal document that informed me I was now enrolled in the family maintenance enforcement program. Today my arrears sits in the neighborhood of $99,000 which of course includes interest. At the time I was at rock bottom already; having been denied my legal right to have the children by means of being driven to poverty and blind sighted by the mother of my children who did her homework from the guidebook on how to erase the ex and still make him pay. Anyway glad to share this and maybe it will help somebody some day.
    My children are adults now and I have only reconciled with them ( we have been out for lunch, dinners, or visits at either of my kids places ) over the last five and a half years. I am blessed and so grateful. Its been the most amazing, beautiful, scary and sad experiences I have ever endured; next to the initial years of separation, weekend Dad, poverty, nightmare of parental alienation and turning to booze and drugs to numb the pain, suicidal thoughts. I don’t think they have a clue as to who I am or was. I mean my oldest (27) has memories for sure. Mostly a lot of questions asked and answers from me that mostly were me telling her ” I am sorry honey but you will understand when you are older, lets just focus on having a nice weekend. Repeat that scene many, many times. In regards to that I am so grateful that I never spoke ill of there mother. In the beginning the Parental Alienation started with the kids being encouraged to calling me Gary, later on it was the last name change of my kids at school without my consent or legal documents ( adoption ) to give my consent ( cause I never would have ) consent was just the tip of the iceberg of Parental Alienation. It was subtle at first then the unbelievable stories, manipulation and outright criminal actions of the mother to my children and kids. So its been almost 18 years since FMEP was forced into my world. I spent four years trying to keep my neck above water financially; the first two years still paying mortgage and marital debts and trying to find low income housing ( and failed because the ex-wife refused to sign document recognizing my having the kids 50/50 so I could qualify for BC Housing …just an example of the shit storm ). Emotionally I was hanging on and was walking close with God minute by minute. After 3 years I went to work in another province (AB) to make more money to pay the impossible debt load incurred on me and my children. All the while phone calls with my kids being manipulated and sabotaged, garnishing of wages, weekend trips to be with my kids also sabotaged. I was losing my fight and became completely demoralized, unable to focus at a job that requires 100% safety and having to leave that job only to have my drivers licence pulled. Sinking into depression and Alcoholism; at times I cried for help, I documented the scenarios but only to have RCMP tell me there is nothing they can do. I am 100% sure that mine was not the only case…in fact the obituaries on the web sites of father support groups was full of victims like me. I became delusional and hopeless……sickly resolved to the story I was telling myself that the kids new Dad at least will be there for them. An anger inside was only quenched by oblivion. Meanwhile I was being loved my sister and her boys as if they were my own. that was a gift and I fear I wouldn’t be here if wasn’t for my sister and her boys. Why am I typing this ? Well…after 15 years of living hell and almost seven years of reconstructing my life as a clean and sober contributing member of society.
    I am in the process of gathering arming myself with the truth, documentation to stand up for my rights before a supreme court judge. For no other reason than to have my arrears reduced or cancelled. To date I have paid almost $50,000 and that’s nothing compared to reality of raising a child. I know and was there and present til my oldest was 11 and I’m fully aware of the preteen and young adult years and costs. The thing is my ex wife stole those years from me early on by denying my rights and hiding behind my personal struggles to provide a safe comfortable home for my kids all the while poisoning there minds. I worked in childcare work and I could see the subtle changes and manipulation. I figured it would subside but it got worse and FMEP gave her monetary shield to hide behind.

  8. Sarah S
    April 27, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    The FMEP has collected thousands of dollars in child support payments and isn’t sending me most of those payments.. I’m so sick of trying to talk with them.. They refuse to admit what they’ve collected and kept! I don’t even know where to start with this! A lawyer I suppose! I’m looking for other single parents having the same problem as I am with them.. I have banking statements to prove they didn’t pay.. But a few times they sent cheques too! Never anything regular! They’ve played a big game with my Sons money.. It was court ordered to be paid for Tristen, not for them to keep and play their little games!
    I’m open to any suggestions please!

    • Sarah S
      April 27, 2017 at 3:30 pm

      And their interest and default payments are criminal! If they must, that should be put into college funds for our kids! Not into their pockets.. My son has never recieved a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or anything from his bio dad! And they run off with his child support payments and these other fees! Their crooks! Generating enough $$ to pay themselves!

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