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  1. Steve
    July 11, 2013 at 10:03 pm

    Here’s an example for you. The Alberta Progressive Conservative Government child support collections agency called mep pursued a very long confrontation with me on behalf of my ex-wife who is a tax collections agent for Revenue Canada. It is no coincidence that these people all work together, so I got a double whammy. It was like being tied down and beaten with a baseball bat, while the Premier of the province stood back watching.

    I am a taxi driver, and the Government chose to cancel and withdraw my drivers license several times. With no opportunity for discussion. I have many months during the year when the taxi business is down, and my income is zero. I continued to drive my taxi, even without a license. The boss knew, and so did the City Hall. I just kept going, trying to make a living, while under incredible duress in case something had happened like a car accident. I did get one little speeding ticket, and the RCMP discovered that I did not have a license. Therefore I was charged another $2,200 fine for operating without driver documentation. The court reduced that to $800 in my favor which I had to pay to the Government. This is another cost of being a father in Alberta. Our thanks to Premier Alison Redford who oversees this MEP bully system. What is she hoping to accomplish? Are we planning to re-elect her? NOT!!!!

    • admin
      July 11, 2013 at 10:09 pm

      And according to a source in Vancouver this is not uncommon at all. There are thousands upon thousands in the same situation.

      Most notably “The Can’t Pays” as another poster, Greg, coined on “Legal bloodletting” – http://www.mep-project.com/cms/?p=120#comment-36

      Those being primarily the Unemployed or the Working Poor.

      Indeed it is not an infrequent occurrence I am quickly learning, as one of our posters, Tanya, suggested.

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