Month: July 2013

Christy Clark’s “Anti-Bullying Plan” – Let’s also address FMEP bullying

Christy Clark’s “Anti-Bullying Plan” needs to be expanded to address not just bullying in schools, but other areas including FMEP bullying of the working poor and unemployed. “Clark’s $2 million, 10-point strategy to combat bullying and ensure every child feels safe, accepted and…

How you can get your BC driver’s licence back if the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program takes it away

If you fall behind in your support payments, the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program(FMEP) may advise the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) not to issue or renew your driver’s licence. This fact sheet sets out what you can do to get your licence…


Human Rights complaint against Family Law


I have filled out all the documents on my Human Rights complaint against Family Law . My complaint is How is it that married couples have a choice in regards to paying for their child/children’s College/University and extra curricular activities but once parents become separated they are not given that same choice . It is a violation of the Human Rights Act .


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